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My name is SATYAJIT DASH, Professionally, a certified Sports nutritionist from ISSA, USA, with a specialization on LCHF WOE lifestyle. Apart from being a practicing Health & Nutrition (LCHF) Coach, I am a working corporate professional in Gurgaon. I have done my M.Sc. (Applied Geology) from IIT, Bombay & M.Tech (Mineral Exploration) from ISM, Dhanbad.

Between the years 2005 to 2010, I was leading the unhealthiest lifestyle, with the typical mindset of “Live life King-size” & “Kamate kisliye hain? Khane ke liye”. Junk food was a staple without having thought of quality or quantity. And without realizing I ended up earning a “Fatty liver condition”, not to mention I was already obese touching my pick, a 110 kg. during this period. When I used to discuss this with friends & colleagues, they used to tell me, “It’s OK to have fatty liver with this kind of lifestyle. Look, even people who do not drink, being vegetarian also are having fatty liver these days. And this logic somehow was not digested by me and I kept on exploring on how this can be sorted out.

After continuous 4 years with fatty liver condition, I started making all possible efforts such as cutting down my junk food, going to the GYM, walking, running, cycling, and swimming whenever possible. In this process I managed to reduce about 5 kg, before I again got stuck at 105 kg. Sometime during mid Sept-Oct 2015, while doing research on various weight management programs/ techniques, I came across this LCHF way of eating lifestyle, where one need not eat less, unlike the mainstream dieting method, but one eats below his/her basal metabolic calorie going with calorie deficit food.

I found this to be really interesting, after reading testimonials & experiences of some 100 plus people including some Indians. I must mention here, the blog post of Ms. Priya Aurora, who has inspired me the most. Not only I kept on researching through Internet, I enrolled myself for an International Sports Nutrition certification from ISSA, USA. And as a New Year resolution (which I generally never do), I started applying the entire concept on myself since mid-January 2016. I quit Rice, Roti, Refined Vegetable Oil, Milk & Sugar and instead started eating all Protein, Fat & Fibre rich food- everything cooked either in Desi Ghee or Butter (with occasional use of either olive oil or mustard oil).

The result started showing by the 3rd week when I found a 2 inch loss in my waist (from 38 to 36) & saw my weight going below 100 for the 1st time after so many years.
By the end of April, I touched 85 kg. My body fat percent had come down from 35 to 22. On 25th April, I got my annual health checkup done, and the miracle had already happened. This time No Fatty Liver condition was there. And you know what! My triglyceride level had come down from 183 – Borderline High (previous year same time) to 68 – perfectly healthy.

By the end of June 2016, my weight touched 80, waist reduced to the final 32", got my BCA done. This time Body fat is ~18%. And I achieved my target. During this entire journey I have certainly influenced many, who are now travelling through their healthy life journey.

LCHF WOE Lifestyle is not just a weight loss program, it’s a journey towards achieving the optimum health. With little effort in gym with weight training, I could add some strength to my muscles, which I was lacking. I have now totally come out from the lifestyle disorders like stress, hypertension, BP and sleeplessness.

After achieving a dramatic fat loss within an unimaginable timeframe, I dreamt to share this knowledge & help as many people as possible around me. That’s how in May 2016, Fitter YOU came into existence with a closed Facebook group with few hundred members. The members started reading and getting benefits from the knowledge that was being shared in the group. They kept on adding more and more members whom they thought, this knowledge will be helpful to

I started spreading the health & wellness knowledge among people in various Gurgaon residential societies and couple of Schools, before I started coaching my clients, who needed my professional service. Thereafter I started conducting wellness sessions for different corporates in Delhi NCR.

With my continuous reading & researches, I keep on writing on various health & nutrition related articles in the Fitter YOU Blog section.

LCHF WOE Lifestyle is not just a weight loss program, it’s a journey towards achieving the optimum health.



At Fitter YOU 1st we listen to you & understand your lifestyle, your eating habits, taking into account your likes & dislikes. We then make you understand the concept of LCHF & Nutrition in general. We introduce you with existing nutritional myths & facts. We educate you on something which your body is not made for. There by it become very easy for you to adapt to the bare minimum changes that is required to achieve a healthy eating pattern. Most importantly we make you understand that to lose those excess body fat, you need not starve yourself. You can still eat enough & lose your body fat with the right kind of nutritional knowledge.


Debashish Mukherjee


On my Home weighing scale I started with 84.2 kgs . Today I stand at 77.7 kgs, I.e; a loss of 6.5 kgs. At the waist as well as mid tummy I have reduced by 2 inches. My target weight would be 72 kgs and a waist size of 34. Currently my waist is 37 down from 39. Thank you very much Satyajit for everything. I shall keep up the good work till I reach my goal.

Pooja Khanduja


It has been a fabulous journey so far. I have actually overcome lot of my cravings and feel much better and lighter. Have gone down from a size L to M and motivated to get to size S. Thank you Satyajit for guiding me through this journey and being there always to answer all my queries!

Sba Garga


​I am doing good. I think I am fully fat adapted now. My weight also is reducing slowly and steadily. I took some time off and went on a holiday, ate carbs and was sick as a dog when I got back I can finally not handle too many carbs. One meal idhar udhar is fine but not on days together. I am happy with how this is going. And this feels sustainable for longer.

Pankaj Bhayana


My main push to join LCHF - Keto Program with Fitter YOU was more to counter my medical condition of fatty lever and beat lethargy. Satyajit is highly passionate about transforming the “ way we eat”. He has encyclopedia knowledge of food groups and is strong promoter of LCHF - Keto diet. His personal transformation of his body type through healthy eating and exercise is a testimony of success rate of what he is preaching. I adhered to the Low Carb eating plan made y Satyajit for me,strictly for 3 months with zero sugar intake and was rewarded with significant improved parameters of fatty liver. I was also able to reduce my body fat percent significantly, and weight wise could down from 102 KG to 94 KG. Thanks Satyajit for showing us the direction and keeping us motivated through your regular blogs and updates. Keep up the wonderful work.

Smilona Jain


So the last time I met Satyajit Dash (Mamu) and spent a lot of time (as usual) discussing lchf...I was hell-bent on doing my research on it. (I'm a teacher..I base everything on research) so as a biochemist I read and read and tried to figure out the lchf diet... My conclusion, if u starve your body of carbs it shifts to lipid metabolism (I teach this in my class) and while the body is using the fat u eat it also burns down the excess fat in your body, since the amount of fat u eat is not enough for Ur energy needs (if u have a decent metabolic rate...like I do ). So I thought of trying it for a while and though Mamu (aka Satyajit dash) insists on exercise while on the diet..I just followed my regular routine....and u can see the results below...with lchf veg...8kgs lighter in 3 months....thanks Mamu..this was fun.

Pritha Banerjee


​Never thought that i will be ever making this collage to show the difference in me.. My journey of LCHF started on 27th Oct'2017 .. It was a challenge to reduce before my dream trip to Dubai n thankfully i got introduced to u by Sreemoyee.. May b its not a big change for many but its a drastic n good change that i have found in me.. Happiness i felt when L & XL looked too loose on me.. N finally i have switched to M & S.. I am loving to hear the compliments saying good weight loss from friends relatives n colleagues who at times quite ridiculed me... The complete weight loss is from 77.6 kg to 68.7 kg.. N its just "wow" thing for me. Generally for weight-loss course people charge for some months and the course by you is lifelong.. I promise myself i will keep controlling on food not by starving but with correct food... Thank u so so much... U r a magician......”

Mahesh Reddy


Satya, FYI - I have lost 8 kgs in last 3 months. All going good. I turned Shivaratri as my first Fasting day. So will do initially twice in a month. And will increase to 4 times as soon as I’m comfortable. Yes. Inch loss is visible. Didn’t measure. Thanks.......

Cireena Navamani


Thank you for taking me through the last 24 weeks. I have learnt about healthy food more than weight loss and have modified my diet quiet a bit. I am not sure if I have lost weight at all but I certainly know healthy options now. Thank you for your help.

Arpita Sarkar


​Thank you Sir, because of your guidance i now know what is healthy and what is not..started taking care of myself..i have lost 4-5kg weight since I met you ( and fat too )and definitely feeling much better. I wish i was consistent throughout these 3 months. but i now know the formula of staying healthy & fit. I am able to get to my target in terms of fat percentage and the credit will be all yours. Thanks a lot for your encouragement.......


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