Amrita Datta


It was indeed a special journey for me . At the onset, I want to thank Sreemoyee for introducing me to Fitter You. Today I actually feel fit. I started my journey when I was of 74kg and today I am 69 kg. Though it seems not much of a significant weight loss but as you always said "for us it's our individual journey that keeps us going". For a person like me, who had difficulty in losing 1 kg, these 5 kg means a lot. Though this lesser reduction on weighing scale happened cause of me not being able to exercise regularly cause of my work schedule. I have picked up the pace, and it's very important for all of us to realise that "Exercise is not a Punishment". Now-days if I miss my routine I get cranky that I missed it. I am exercising at home, but yes since I have got a few inches loss in all the important places I feel I require toning is required for all that lose fat, which can only be done by machines at the gym. So looking forward to it. I am surprised to see inches loss from my hips...can't believe it. I have dropped one dress size which feels awesome... still a long way to go. Thanks a lot to you for your constant support and motivation. And because of LCHF I am quite a chef now. LCHF is a lifestyle change not a diet per se. I don't feel hungry that often and the best part is even if I do consume regular food on an occasion I don't have a guilty feeling or a fear to trip my scale. I know, I will be back on track the next day. Like most people I was very skeptical in the beginning but by the grace of the knowledge shared by Sir, during my journey I have got a control on my lifestyle at least in the kitchen. My energy level is higher than before. Thanks a lot Sir, for all your help whenever I got stuck you always suggested a way out. Do keep guiding us with your abundant knowledge and recipes. LCHF rocks!



Of the very few things we love to lose, weight is most definitely one! From 66 kgs to 53 kgs, my journey has not been about numbers, but of changed lifestyle and perceptions. Like many, I have been a victim of years of conditioning to certain food myths that stood in my way to weight loss. But then, miracles happen. And for me, it was made possible with Fitter You and that one single guide and mentor Mr. Satyajit Dash. I did not speak regularly through my journey with Sir, as I call him, but he made sure that I am regularly updated with all fitness information and unique LCHF meal ideas! He cleared my doubts whenever I had one. Not only is he inspiring in himself, I must also acknowledge the professionalism and honesty with which he guided me through my transformation. Although a 13kg weight loss isn't something unheard of (many have lost much more I know), but the amazing bit lies in the feeling it left in me -- a sense of renewed confidence and self-worth with a fitter body! And I owe it all to this one man, Mr. Dash, who helped me establish conviction and faith in myself. I am now better informed about the food and lifestyle choices I make. Exercise is not a routine anymore, but an experience I enjoy every day. I am happy to have lost weight, but I am happier to be fitter. My program has ended, but my fitness journey still continues. Thanks Fitter You!

Chunmun Chopra


I had the pleasure of meeting such a knowledgeable and extremely motivated person when I contacted you for nutrition and weight loss counseling.I have tried many different ways, techniques etc.... of trying to lose weight and had never reached my target after my baby I had thought I could never return back to the same shape.. But with excellent coaching of LCHF program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. "FITTER-U-LCHF" did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. Fitter-U-LCHF taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. Fitter-U-LCHF also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Through "FITTER-U-LCHF" program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life. To date, I am please to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without your perfect , logical and scientifically proven knowledge about LCHF . FITTER-U-LCHF is the utmost professional yet you have a touching compassion and dedication towards your clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked under your guidance. ​

Debashish Mukherjee


On my Home weighing scale I started with 84.2 kgs . Today I stand at 77.7 kgs, I.e; a loss of 6.5 kgs. At the waist as well as mid tummy I have reduced by 2 inches. My target weight would be 72 kgs and a waist size of 34. Currently my waist is 37 down from 39. Thank you very much Satyajit for everything. I shall keep up the good work till I reach my goal.

Pooja Khanduja


It has been a fabulous journey so far. I have actually overcome lot of my cravings and feel much better and lighter. Have gone down from a size L to M and motivated to get to size S. Thank you Satyajit for guiding me through this journey and being there always to answer all my queries!

Sba Garga


​I am doing good. I think I am fully fat adapted now. My weight also is reducing slowly and steadily. I took some time off and went on a holiday, ate carbs and was sick as a dog when I got back I can finally not handle too many carbs. One meal idhar udhar is fine but not on days together. I am happy with how this is going. And this feels sustainable for longer.

Pankaj Bhayana


My main push to join LCHF - Keto Program with Fitter YOU was more to counter my medical condition of fatty lever and beat lethargy. Satyajit is highly passionate about transforming the “ way we eat”. He has encyclopedia knowledge of food groups and is strong promoter of LCHF - Keto diet. His personal transformation of his body type through healthy eating and exercise is a testimony of success rate of what he is preaching. I adhered to the Low Carb eating plan made y Satyajit for me,strictly for 3 months with zero sugar intake and was rewarded with significant improved parameters of fatty liver. I was also able to reduce my body fat percent significantly, and weight wise could down from 102 KG to 94 KG. Thanks Satyajit for showing us the direction and keeping us motivated through your regular blogs and updates. Keep up the wonderful work.

Smilona Jain


So the last time I met Satyajit Dash (Mamu) and spent a lot of time (as usual) discussing lchf...I was hell-bent on doing my research on it. (I'm a teacher..I base everything on research) so as a biochemist I read and read and tried to figure out the lchf diet... My conclusion, if u starve your body of carbs it shifts to lipid metabolism (I teach this in my class) and while the body is using the fat u eat it also burns down the excess fat in your body, since the amount of fat u eat is not enough for Ur energy needs (if u have a decent metabolic rate...like I do ). So I thought of trying it for a while and though Mamu (aka Satyajit dash) insists on exercise while on the diet..I just followed my regular routine....and u can see the results below...with lchf veg...8kgs lighter in 3 months....thanks Mamu..this was fun.

Pritha Banerjee


​Never thought that i will be ever making this collage to show the difference in me.. My journey of LCHF started on 27th Oct'2017 .. It was a challenge to reduce before my dream trip to Dubai n thankfully i got introduced to u by Sreemoyee.. May b its not a big change for many but its a drastic n good change that i have found in me.. Happiness i felt when L & XL looked too loose on me.. N finally i have switched to M & S.. I am loving to hear the compliments saying good weight loss from friends relatives n colleagues who at times quite ridiculed me... The complete weight loss is from 77.6 kg to 68.7 kg.. N its just "wow" thing for me. Generally for weight-loss course people charge for some months and the course by you is lifelong.. I promise myself i will keep controlling on food not by starving but with correct food... Thank u so so much... U r a magician......”

Mahesh Reddy


Satya, FYI - I have lost 8 kgs in last 3 months. All going good. I turned Shivaratri as my first Fasting day. So will do initially twice in a month. And will increase to 4 times as soon as I’m comfortable. Yes. Inch loss is visible. Didn’t measure. Thanks.......

Cireena Navamani


Thank you for taking me through the last 24 weeks. I have learnt about healthy food more than weight loss and have modified my diet quiet a bit. I am not sure if I have lost weight at all but I certainly know healthy options now. Thank you for your help.

Arpita Sarkar


​Thank you Sir, because of your guidance i now know what is healthy and what is not..started taking care of myself..i have lost 4-5kg weight since I met you ( and fat too )and definitely feeling much better. I wish i was consistent throughout these 3 months. but i now know the formula of staying healthy & fit. I am able to get to my target in terms of fat percentage and the credit will be all yours. Thanks a lot for your encouragement.......

Farhana Haque

Sharjah, UAE.

We all know, good food is important for good health. But it requires management to attain optimum results. And with Coach Satyajit Dash and his LCHF diet program, I learnt it. I always attributed my extra weight to the stubbornness of my body. Always thought... No matter what I do... How long and hard I work out... I would remain fat! It was irritating, frustrating and demoralizing. But with LCHF, I learnt to deal with my weight with my food. I have not just lost about 10kgs in 5 months but also 6% body fat for the first time. I also learnt and understood the difference between weight loos and fat loss, which was all the same for me earlier. I also gained the knowledge to use my food and eating habits as my medicine to overcome many problems like stress, sleep disorders and lack of focus. And this to me is my biggest asset as my occupation requires a lot of focus and brain work. It was a very enlightening journey for me……… & has become my way of life now.

Ramesh Kaushik


It was an interesting coincidence of bumping into you and i must say it changed myself 360 degree in terms of what i eat, how i eat, when i eat and yes lots of Water. I have lost 7 kg in last 3 months and waist got reduced by 2.5 inches. Since i am quite a laid back on muscle building so the jogging part is consistent and thanks to you for inspiring regularly on this. I am looking forward to this lifelong journey with you as my lifestyle coach. The changed and a tad more energetic version of me is a nice change in self and i owe this to you. Long live my friend and keep bringing a positive change in lives around you

Amit Gupta


My LCHF journey with Satyajit started in June, 2017. It was not an entirely new concept to me as I had been reading about it for almost a year. While I myself did not have weight or health issues, I wanted to move to a healthier lifestyle. At the time of starting, I was at 73.5 kgs with a height of 174 cms. I followed a strict LCHF diet without any cheat meals for the first 3 months. After two months, my weight had come down to 67 kgs and body fat had reduced to 21% from 25%. This is a complete lifestyle change and has been much easier for me than I thought. The benefits of an LCHF lifestyle are many and I would recommend everyone to switch to it. A lot of my friends have noticed the change in me and they too are interested. I do try and motivate friends to go for LCHF especially if they are overweight or have other health issues that can be addressed by LCHF. On a personal note, I would like to thank Satyajit for his support. He is very helpful and always available for any advice or support that one needs.

Sukanya Rudra Nandi


I had a long association with Satyajit Dash quite a few years back. His self transformation motivated me that ...yes, I can do it too. I was 124kgs when I started to follow LCHF program under his guidance. Due to my nature of job on ships on long sailing of more than a month (Merchant Navy) we are not lucky to get fresh vegetables daily unlike your shore daily routine life. So I have to be little up n down thru the program but managed to reduced to 116kgs now. Main part is my reduction in waist from an obese 46" to 40" currently. Moreover I feel lighter and energetic throughout the day, the lethargic feeling is completely gone. Hope to achieve my target of less than 100 KGS now. My wife is moreover indebted to you for me to realise to say 'NO' to binge junk food as I was a vociferous eater n love food. But now have learn to discipline and control myself. All the best to Satyajit Dash in this noble endeavor. Brgds Rudra.

Rabia Aslam Khan


Remember those teleshopping ads that ominously began with "pehle main bohot udaas tha"? Yes we laugh them off because, well... they are funny. But honestly, it is not funny when you have been slogging in the gym... doing everything right (in your mind) in the nutrition department and yet see the weighing scale only moving in one direction, not to mention a direction I did not want it to! I had been reading around and already knew the fact that ghee was a better option that vegetable oils and cheese is a good snack and nuts need to form a part of your diet. Of course I had all of this in my food... so you can understand my confusion when I was not getting any results. That was when I decided to go and meet Satyajit. And when I decided that, I also decided that I would follow his advice whatever it took (though it did not take much because it was so simple to follow ) even if it sounded contradictory to what I was used to knowing about food and nutrition. I think that’s important. To trust the person helping you reach your goals. The first thing he assured me was, that I would never need to stay hungry and/or compromise on taste either! Yes! People cannot imagine a life where they are on a diet and don’t make that "poor me, can’t eat decent food" face. That’s the best part about the lifestyle that Satyajit introduced me to. Unlike the regular high protein and very low fat and carb diet, the low carb with healthy fat with protein in optimum quantities helped me, feel fuller and satiated while also letting me snack on delicious cubes of cheese, nuts and sometimes even a spoon of fresh cream. :) Initially, I was also not sure if I was doing it right... I had zillions of questions and confusions and I literally bombarded him with questions all the time. He was patient with all of them (I admire that because I think I did come up with some real weird ones) including but not limited to ...... How do I bind the coconut and almond flour? (Like it was his problem, that I did not know the basic logic, not mine! ) Is it 5gms sugar or 5%? (Major debate, that one!) "It is important that I eat chocolate today. What do I do?" He actually sent me a picture of the sugar free version available in the market AND where to get it. Somebody pointed out (again) that I was eating too much fat... how do I reply? (It was totally not his headache to write me a script but he obliged, with an interesting anecdotal evidence/situation) Will I have water retention if I drink too much water? Yesss! Someone was "wise" enough to even suggest this... so I had to check with my nutritionist! (He did not tell me so but I am VERY sure he was pretty amused with this train of thought...) My colleague said "If you want to make someone fat make them eat coconut"... this was not a question of course... just an FYI...but he took the trouble to explain the goodness and nutrition of coconut, so I knew the facts. J What I am trying to get at is, he could have just told me "keep following my advice" without equipping me with the know how... like I said, when I ask someone for advice I follow them near blindly. So I would have followed it anyway but he takes the trouble to listen. :). He had told me in our first meeting that his aim was to "teach me how to fish" so that I could adopt the LCHF lifestyle and know the rights from the wrongs in future. After being "acceptably" (in my mind) consistent, I have finally seen some real visible results! I am not really a scale person so have checked my weight only twice since we started this, not to mention having lost the file where he asked me to regularly record my progress (that’s a motivational factor...) but, in my defense, your pictures and clothes tend to help know if you are making progress anyway and in a better way. They (clothes and pictures and people also!) are talking to me, yes! And most of the conversation has a positive note so I guess all’s well that’s moving well!
Thanks again Satyajit, I am glad I decided to take my nutrition seriously and had you to guide me. After all it’s a known fact that, your nutrition and lifestyle (as an extension) plays more than a 70% role in your physical wellbeing. I am now more confident of making 80% right choices (not to mention being confident of pestering you with the remaining 20% that I am not sure about) and I think I will sustain this life style, with a little nudge from you from time to time...It’s been a great journey and I intend to keep it going. Thank you!

Sreemoyee Gupta


3 months back I started a journey. And standing today I not only feel lighter, but also fitter. I started at 73.5 kgs, standing today I am 65, lost good inches from chest, waist, midriff, hips. Had to buy new clothes, as all my clothes are loose now. I know it will take a lot of strength to carry on with this till I reach my target. But I hope I can achieve it. But now where I am is all thanks to Satyajit Dash sir and Aeshna Gupta (for introducing me to him). Thank you sir. It was your guidance that has helped me to reach here. But I will keep on bugging you with my never ending questions

Krupa Rajgopalan

New Delhi

I'd like to thank you a lot for guiding and motivating me from time to time. I've never felt so comfortable with my body and with eating so healthy. This is my second week into CKD, and I can see and feel the difference. I'm comfortable and will continue it to the following weeks. I weighed myself yesterday. (I know it's not important) But just to get an idea. I'm 58.7kgs now, down from 64.7 when I met you for the 1st time. And my belly is a little less than 32 inches down from 35 when I started. The last three months have changed my outlook completely. I look at people gorging on chaat items, burgers or sweets and wonder how I ate those things in that quantity without feeling very uneasy. Anyway, I can happily say that I now have a waistline (because I didn't have one earlier).

Kamlesh Murjani


Finally back to 36" from 43" . The LCHF journey has been a great experience and learning. Any program or course has a start and an end, however the most important thing is what you carry in you for the rest of your life. And that's when learning happen from the education. Weight loss (inch loss to be precise) for a fitter YOU is a continuous process that we should enjoy to work upon and improve over and over again. I have been very disciplined in diet and could shed 13 kgs without doing any exercise however this is not ideal as strength training could have gained bigger results. However do not worry even when you do 1% of the total 100 and do it consistently the goal will meet u in no time. Thanks to Mr. Harish Milwani for giving reference of Fitter YOU and my dear friend Satyajit , thanks for all your help and the guidance during this journey as I look forward for your continued support in the next phase ......hopefully with strength training this time

Rubina Ayesha


Its been an absolute pleasure to be associated with you. At first I was a bit apprehensive about choosing LCHF. My previous experiences with few gyms, yoga classes and lifestyle coaches had not produced the desired results. I am glad I chose to experiment with LCHF too. And Lol !! the results have been amazing! In the past 3 months I not only lost 5 kg. (with lots of cheating) but my overall health started improving drastically. My stamina started to build, my water intake, which used to be only 2 glasses a day increased to a surprisingly 2 litres a day. I used to have painful periods and used to have at least 2 pain killers every month. Unbelievably i don't need painkillers now. My sugar cravings have come down to zero. And the best part is I am eating more than my normal diet. Thank you Satyajit. You not only explained so convincingly the LCHF way but also encouraged at every step of my journey. Gently but firmly you made me realise the difference between wrong and the right way of eating lifestyle. Your efforts and your never-give-up on your client's attitude is amazing. There was never a time when you did not answer queries, never a time when you stopped to encourage. All the very best . May you continue your good work and may lots of people benefit under your guidance

Bindu Gollapudi


I never knew migraine belonged here ... nor did I know when I had my diabetes about 9 years back that my pcos was linked to it .. and I never knew cancer could fit this group ... and my sleep disorders fell here too ... and then my weight also belong here ... LCHF has opened my eyes to know that the route is one .. and am so happy I am not recovering from one only .. but my body is being restored as a whole from everything ... and that too with just what I eat ... As a child I gained weight after my puberty .. then came my pcos and then my diabetes and then my migraine ... what a linked reaction ... thank you Satyajit Dash for all the effort you take to explain things and share reference posts and answer all my why's ... God bless you as you add so much health to others lives

Soma Koner


It all started over a casual talk over a sugary cup of tea with Satyajit, an enthusiast lifestyle coach who introduced me to the LCHF way of eating. It was not easy to break certain hard drawn lines that we acquire from very early. Being a BONG, it is hard to think of a day without a bowl of rice. or a piece of sweet (misti) at the end. Like others, I always wanted to get rid of the extra flab around the belly And always wanted to silently fit myself into my younger sister’s stylish slim fit jeans.Following the LCHF way of eating, I totally restricted myself from having sweets for at least 5 weeks. To my surprise, I could feel the difference. I started with being 56kg in the month of April, giving up sugary things totally, cutting down the content of rice and adding heavily the butter and ghee really helped me in taking a step towards fitness regime. To my surprise, I saw a significant inchloss from my belly area, which was reluctant to go earlier. Today, my grocery shopping list do not have any refined oil any more, but have two bottle of ghee and butter instead along with cheese and all sorts of nuts. This is actually adding quality attribute to our breakfast and daily routine meals. Eggs are permanent space filler in my kitchen now days. Eating healthy fat has significantly gone up, often with Satyajit’s thought provoking conversations has actually helped me shedding my extra fat and I finally achieved the waist line of 28 from 32 within 5 weeks.proudly wearing the slim fit jeans and tight fit fashionable dresses, a dream came true. Getting a complement from my husband and two small kids always give you an extra kick to maintain the same with little conscious about what you consume. Thank you Satyajit for making me aware of these nutritional facts and encouraging me to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Sudipta Sarkar


Thank you for introducing me to LCHF Way of Eating Lifestyle, nine months back. Since then it has been an exhilarating journey and I can’t thank You enough for guiding me through this journey. Based on your advice, I have also changed my exercise regimen to focus on strength building. Now 9 months down the road, with LCHF diet and regular strength workouts, I stand fitter and stronger, having lost more than 8 kg of body weight and 7% body fat. Gone are my knee and other joint pains. Also gone are my gastric related problems. Compliments from friends and family is an added bonus. The journey still continues and I am enjoying every bit of it. Thanks, once again, Satyajit for bringing about this change in me.

Sangeeta Baruah


It has been a complete pleasure interacting with you and learning the process of healthy living!! I have always been trying to lose weight by starving. Although, it did work for sometime but the lost weight eventually came back. However, with you and the diet plans suggested i'm no longer starving, eating healthy and LOSING weight!! I have not yet achieved my target of weight and fat%. So, i will continue working on it but i have to say that i m LCHF converted for life!! Thanks so much to you and All the best for your future. I m sure you will go very well!!

Rana Mitra


I am doing perfectly fine these days and not to forget a lot more fitter too, all thanks to FITTER U and you of course, the fitness mentor - who lead me achieve my fitness goal to greater extent. I know our 3months program is over now , and yes I am very happy with the result I got in such time period. And I would like to continue under the supervision of your expertise and would be keen to start the KETO regime to accomplish my fitness goal. So please share the needful I have to do for the same."

Dr. Kamlit Verma


Yes and I started getting compliments of looking younger and slimmer . This give me more motivation . My knee problem ( arthritis )is solving by itself . Started feeling my knee joint is becoming stronger day by day . Doing weight training ..../ strength training .... And all happened because of you. Thanks again and again .

Sumitenra Das


"It's been a good 3 months now that I am on LCHF diet and the most important and wonderful part is that not only I have lost around 10 kgs but I feel a lot more energetic and lively. I am already receiving wonderful compliments and I am sure in the coming days with Mr Satyajit"s guidance and coach I will shed more of the extra flab and will be much more leaner and fitter.Last but not the least and needless to say Mr Satyajit Dash has been a great coach for me in this amazing transformation of mine."

Rina Bahri


"When I came to u I was not feeling confident even to walk bcoz of my weight and arthritis. Now I do strength training and Kickboxing. I lost 5inches from my hip area and lot more. my weight from 98.6 to 94.3kgs my journey is still continuing as I have a long way to go. My arthritis is a lot better.I am able to walk fast and very soon I will be able to run."

Harish Milwani


My journey for LCHF started one year back on 8th May 2016. It has been a great experience during this period. Thanks to Satyajit Dash for guiding me through my journey. I had reduced my fat from 100 kg to 88 kg in the first 3 months and mainting the same in the next 9 months. Now I am mainting my weight at 84-85 kg. Feeling wonderful now with full energy level and feeling very light. My blood pressure medicines have become just half. All credit goes to Satyajit. I sincerely recommend him to thoes who need advice on health related issues. Thanks once again for his great advice.

Mohit Sugla


Hi Satyajit, just to share one feedback. The habit of eating LCHF diet has now changed the mind to an extent that yesterday due to some reason I ate normal restaurant food and immediately after that I felt guilty conscious why did I ate that junk. I have lost all the food cravings I used to have. And feeling light all the time.It's great way of eating really.At the same time loosing all the unnecessary weight. It's just 35 days. Thanks for this.

Soumya Mahapatra


The most positive part of LCHF: joint pain due to Uric acid is gone due to LCHF way of eating & drinking 4 liters plus of water regularly. I have cross checked by eating mutton, spinach , Dal . Thanks for your advice. Now drinking water is my new addiction. Also to mention, stopping chapati and change over to brown rice, acidity and gastric is gone now. No more dependency on medicine. Even though weight is hovering around 91 kg. I still feel light and body slowly taking up masculine shape . I think it will take another 2 months for completely flat tummy, looking into the fact that my stomach was really huge.

Devapratim Mohanty


It was Dr Anupam who broke the topic of LCHF with me around mid 2016 and I was like “ok that sounds interesting”. Not until December 2016 when I met Dr Anupam again and heard about how he has benefited I decided to take a plunge. A bit about my self : I am 44 years old and trust me in December 2016 I was fit, my goal was a little different. I wanted to get rid of abdominal fat and my packs to show. So when I called up Satyajit it was like the beginning of my next quantum jump in fitness. Come January I was into it. I dropped around 6 kg in 3 months. Well that's not a big change in weight, but this is because I weight train and practice taekwondo, so I gained a lot of lean muscle mass. Yes my packs show 24X7. So my mission is accomplished. Much more than that, I got a deep insight into the food we eat and our eating habits. Trust me even though I am a dentist I wasn’t aware rice and wheat was high glycemic index food or a tea spoon of sugar is 4 grams. Eating will never be the same in my life. I always keep an eye on my carbohydrate intake. A cup of tea with sugar in it is just like 60 ml of whiskey for me from health point of view. I relish it but with care. Currently I am working on intermittent fasting along with LCHF and I know I will knock off more fat to get exactly where I want to be from fitness point of view. Satyajit has done me a great favour; because of him I value the food on my plate like never before. I relish every bite and I eat less but eat healthy.

Dr. Bijaya krushna Behera


Hi Satyajeet, it's been long time since I have been thinking of writing a few lines about your nutrition advice. There is always time for anything to happen. Today perhaps it was destined... For today I completed 4 months of practicing your prescription.... Four months ago on 28th of December 2018, I casually visited a doctor along with my colleagues who were on regular medical checkup for high BP and sugar. Just anxious, as usual I asked the doctor if he could check my BP as well....but to my utter shock the mercury read 170/100. I was nervous! Never had in my life I had such reading! I always used to be fit, used to play football in Bombay league, running x-country, used to sprint in inter-IIT and BP was never up 120/80. Alas! This job life has brought me to this state of affairs...I was worried! I couldn't believe the mercury reading. Next day went to the same doctor.... then third doctor.... the reading was same .....170/100 on mercury. The doctor advised to start medicine on regular basis...and advised to reduce weight....I was then 81kgs...height being 166cm. Overweight..My inner self did not accept the reality....no...this can't happen to me.... checked cholesterol levels...checked blood etc....all seemed to be normal.....but BP!!!! In worries I couldn't sleep..... physical illness brings mental illness too.... In my sleepless state I thought of one thing....I will not take medicine. ..I will reduce weight.. but how! Several times in the past I had tried, but never been successful! I was casually browsing IIT Bombay WhatsApp group and saw a posting by you....how to reduce weight and overcome hypertension and BP by diet and nutrition...WOW! That's what I was searching.....my eyes got elated, ears become highly electromagnetic and I went through the whole ppt with much attention and care... understood the role of regular fasting and most importantly, the role of enzyme glucagon....how it burns your fat for giving energy to body at the time of fasting and simultaneously one reduces weight. I think that your one odd hour long presentation stirred something inside me.....I was overjoyed.....50 per cent of my problem got solved there and then, I felt so. Another 59 per cent was to practice it. Then onwards, a day has not passed where I haven't fasted at least 14 hours minimum a day at a stretch. I loved missing breakfast in leu if two glasses of warm water and a cup of green tea. But feasted on lunch and dinner. Loved eating food - green vegetables, pulses, fish, egg, chicken (at times) regularly. Results started coming....Old trousers became of used...started discarding recent ones.... Three months later.....had a medical health check....BP read 140/80.....weight was 72 kg (9 kgs I had reduced in 3 months). Being 54 yrs old, doctor says BP is normal. Asked me to reduce a little weight if possible by 2 kgs. Now after 4 months I am writing this story ( i.e. one month after medical checkup). Now my weight is 70 Kg. Total weight loss during last 4 months is 11kgs. All thanks goes to Satyajeet Dash. With his research and revelation of secrets of weight loss technique and control of BP and hypertension solution I am greatly benefitted. I write this piece of fact sheet so that others may get confidence to practice. But always keep Satyajeet appraised of your practice and development as he is the real expert and guide you as per your need...

Dhrubanarayana Mukherjee

New Delhi

You can reduce weight by eating and sleeping….well few would believe this…but I have got the results. Thanks to my coach Mr. Satyajit Dash, I attended one of his sessions and got inspired by his way of approaching this problem with a simple medicines like FOOD and SLEEP. Post enrolling for the LCHF program, I have reduced 7 kg within a period of 4 months and let me tell you I didn’t discontinue my drinking, but reduced it…. I am a lover of non-veg and ensured that I eat only natural foods, no biscuits, cakes, breads, pastas or any food made in plant/ factory. I ate only natural food, some minor adjustments like having brown rice on Sundays and not eating any rice/ roti during the week. On the sleep front, ensured that I hit the bed at 10:30-11:00 and have a good 7-8-hour sleep. I also ensured doing some exercise 4 days a week. Now believe me…the results are good and I think, it can be sustained…this is most important…weight loss programs have a downside on the sustainability aspect. But LCHF can be sustained. Weight before the program – 87 kg. Weight after 4 months – 80 kg. The process is on to reduce it further…Wish me Luck…

Sujoy Mukherjee


Until 2014, I was leading the conventional - high carb and sugar diet, lack of sleep, and almost no exercise with a body weight of 99 kgs, smoking and alcohol were a part of that lifestyle. But during early 2014, With a minor Health issue, got an alarm from life. Hence in Oct 2014, I decided to make a change. Started following a Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet, all cooking medium are 100% ghee & no refined oil what so ever. White sugar was completely stopped, replaced with stevia, only shallow fried stuf, high good fat and protein. This combined with regular exercise, daily run of 6 to 7 km and weekend 10k runs with free- hand Body weight exercises and adequate sleep and water intake, led to transformation on me. Lost weight and came down to 80 from 99 kgs. Have successfully maintained for the last 5 years...thanks Satyajit for all support &encouragement to keep myself always on track.
And the biggest of achievement in the process...I have QUIT Smoking…it made a world of difference...

Swati Jaidika


I saw Satyajit’s and many of his clients’ transformation on FB from being overweight to healthy and I made up my mind to change myself. Post pregnancy I had put on a lot of weight and I did not like the fact that I was about to touch 100 kgs in few months if I don’t act now.
In February 2018, Satyajit introduced me to LCHF, and he supported me throughout my journey. He always motivated me to be consistent. Even after a cheat meal he would encourage me to get back on track. This lifestyle truly made me aware of what I EAT today, as I am now size 14 from size 18 and I weigh 18 kg less. My journey is still incomplete as I haven’t reached my goal weight.
Thank you Satyajit for changing my life.

Ashish Malik


It’s almost 3 months now when I started my journey towards “Diabetes Reversal” without knowing what it’s going to be. My diabetes was getting out of control and I use to wake up tired after a good 7 hours sleep. My doctors kept changing from one medicine to another and told me that my next stage was insulin. This was when I met YOU and YOU guided me with “LCHF Lifestyle”. Today, I am off my medicines. I have adopted the LCHF diet in my lifestyle and loving it. Now, I can eat as much as I can without fearing to gain weight and spike my sugar level. My clothes don’t fit me anymore as I have become fit from fat. I don’t crave any more for sugary/junk/fried food. I forgot what getting tired means. My performance at work has increased. Though at 50, I can easily compete a 30 year old in stamina. After having seen my life turnaround, my wife, my son and my sister have started following your advice. YOU ARE OUR FAMILY NUTRITIONIST NOW! I can say that with pride that with your miraculous guidance, anyone can live effortless health life. Please keep up the good work and educate more and more people with LCHF diet which is not popular in India at mass adoption level.


PCOS : Polycystic Ovarian syndrome


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